Dissociative Identity Disorder in our case is a disorder that created a family inside our head when ours was broken, toxic, abusive, and traumatic. and just like a family we don't get to choose the members of our collective; some are harmful, still, some are scared, or they have no proper way to communicate with others, many of us are broken in some way shape or form.
DID is no fun; we've never and will never claim that it is because it's something borne of the worst sides of the human condition. It's borne of the worst wrongs being put in motion. Because of this, and many other influences in our life, mainly sex drugs and rock n roll (for most of us at least) we've got an attitude tied to the notion of constant motion and comfortableness within it. We aspire to be adaptable enough to beat these memories and somehow manage this disorder. All of us, together.
We call ourselves the Catalyst Collective. it's very nice to meet you. it'd be lovely if you'd drop us an ask but keep in mind all asks will be returned from our main blog if you request them being sent privately.

**vvv Self harm tw vvv**
2 day(s) clean
the suicide mile

Patrick, Chester, and Brendon singing together is the fucking cutest thing.
They were all singing Bleed American and hopping back and forth on lines and shit earlier this morning and it was great and Patrick and Brendon have forced enough pop punk on Chester that they got him singing along to Young Volcanoes just now. And oh my lucifer okay. They all stopped and were all real quiet after “Make it easy, say I never mattered” And they all looked at each other for a second, kind of frozen in “Oh shit” and then Patrick just kind of did this little grin and started up with “run it up the flagpole, we will teach you how to make boys next door out of assholes” and he did his little laugh there and then Chester and Brendon kind of chipped their own in and then they were all singing and happy again and holy shit. My headmates are fucking cute.

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